Hill Farm is an accredited Enhanced Values based Education (VbE) school (Values Audit Report & Values based Education website). Our values are threaded through all we do as we teach and inspire children and adults to adopt and live positive human values to create an exceptional environment for teaching and learning. The focus on ethical and emotional intelligence, deepened relationships and a strong values-culture give pupils the best chance of academic success.   Children are taught to study effectively, be resilient to setbacks and take pride in their achievements. We teach and inspire children to value themselves, value others and value the planet. 

This is coupled with our Attitude to Learning Behaviour Policy that together help our children gain control of their thoughts and emotions, enabling them to respond appropriately to others without hurting them or damaging their own sense of self. 

Hill Farm combines a cognitive learning approach with teaching and inspiring children, young people and adults to adopt and live positive human values.  We firmly believe that a focus on ethical and emotional intelligence leads to deepened relationships and the embedded values-culture provides pupils with the best chance of academic success. 

We have twenty values that are organised under 5 overarching themes that link directly to the British Values. 

Live without Harm  

Equal Opportunities



Navigate the World 

Every half term, a new theme is introduced in whole school assemblies and then explicitly taught and discussed in class, promoted in activities and recognised and rewarded in actions. The ‘values’ provide a basis for our behaviour system and compliment out Attitude to Learning Policy which encompasses ways to reward the individual, class and house.     

Pupils discuss which of the values need to be shown to complete work successfully, and values are often referred to in ‘learning comments’ from the pupils following a piece of work. Values Education is delivered alongside oracy opportunities based around Philosophy for Children in order to help children learn to take personal responsibility for their own thoughts and actions whilst promoting philosophical enquiry and reflection.  

Hill Farm is also mindful of the mental health agenda and routinely promote various approaches such as reflection time and teaching how the brain works (neurology).   We incorporate into lessons ways to develop healthy habits for life, based on Professor Steve Peters’  ‘Chimp Management’ book and have staff members who are trained in this approach. We want pupils to understand their own behaviour and develop planned strategies for managing themselves emotionally.  Our Inclusion Team also deliver further ‘nurture’ groups for specific high-need children such as Zones of Regulation and Boomerang to help them identify strategies for dealing with problems they may face outside of school.