Art – Home Learning

How can you help your child with art?

  • Draw pictures with your child. It is good for children to see how adults draw too.
  • Discuss how things are made and why they look like they do. Ask questions about how the artist made the work.
  • Collect a range of drawing and making materials at home including pencils, paints, glue and sellotape. These can be very cheap and are often easily found in pound shops.
  • Encourage your child to complete art activities at home such as drawing, painting and using junk boxes to make models.
  • Discover more about art and artists using the internet, magazines, catalogues and books at the library.
  • Encourage your child to collect pictures they like from magazines and catalogues. They can cut or rip pictures out and glue them onto paper or into a sketchbook.
  • Talk about and let your child find out about famous artists, crafts people and architects.
  • Encourage your child to be inspired by art and design that they have seen. Can they use techniques or styles they have seen to make their own art work?
  • Visit art galleries and design museums and look at buildings around your local area. 

Experience art with your family

There are many ways to experience art with your child.

In Coventry, children can visit The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum or The Reel Store.

Following your gallery visit, children can:

  • Have a discussion about the artworks they have seen.
  • Use a piece of artwork as inspiration to create their own art.
  • Research an artist whose artwork they saw and found interesting.
  • Make a collaborative artwork with family members.
  • Look up a technique they have seen at the gallery and try it for themselves.

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