RE In Action
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At Hill Farm Primary School, we aim to ignite a passion for religion that allows pupils to seek knowledge and understanding of others’ beliefs and recognise and accept that everyone’s beliefs are individual and different.

Religious Education at Hill Farm Primary School enables pupils to become aware of religious aspects of life and to give them some knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other major world faiths. Children are able to reflect on the beliefs and religious practices of people and what it means to have a faith and to develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. We help children to learn from religions as well as about them. Children are encouraged to develop their understanding and ask fundamental questions in their search for meaning and purpose in life both by believers and by the pupils themselves Through their work in RE it is hoped that children will learn that religions are committed to morality and social justice and at Hill Farm Primary School we promote social and ethnic harmony and British values.

Through our high-quality RE curriculum, we support children in developing knowledge linked to believing, expressing and living.

The RE substantive knowledge children will learn is mapped to ensure children build on prior learning and create schemas that are linked via knowledge concepts. This knowledge is cemented in children’s long-term memory through retrieval practice.

All teaching at Hill Farm is planned around our six principles of learning and teaching, which ensure every lesson is GREAT!  Pupils experience engaging and purposeful experiences that promote learning and where the needs of every child is met through effective adaptive teaching strategies.  As a Voice 21 school, our curriculum has a strong oracy focus which provides pupils with regular opportunities to learn to talk and to learn through talk. High expectations of oracy and vocabulary are embedded throughout our RE curriculum.

The impact of our RE curriculum is measured through continual assessments throughout each lesson against our RE  progression documents and retrieval practice.