Year 4

Meet the Team

Our English Learning

In English, we read a range of texts throughout the year. Our Autumn 1 text is Oliver Twist. In Autumn 2, we read The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny. In Spring 1, we enjoy reading Riddle of the Runes and in Spring 2 we read The Saga of Erik The Viking. In the Summer term, we read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Our History and Geography (Theme) Learning

In history and geography, we learn about a range of topics throughout the year. Our Autumn 1 topic is linked to the Victorians. In the Spring term, we study the Vikings and in the Summer term, we learn about Europe.

Our Maths Learning

In Maths, we use a range of different representations to present our learning.


Our School Trips

Year 4 enjoyed their trip to The Black Country Museum to learn all about the Victorians.