Year 1

Meet the Team

Our English Learning

In English, we read a range of texts throughout the year. Our Autumn 1 text is Lost and Found. In Autumn 2, we read The Gruffalo. In Spring 1, we enjoy reading Owl Babies and in Spring 2 we read Send For A Superhero. In the Summer term, we read The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Zog.

Our History and Geography (Theme) Learning

In history and geography, we learn about a range of topics throughout the year. Our Autumn 1 topic is What Makes Us All Unique? In Autumn 2, we enjoy learning about the Wondrous Woods. In the Spring term, we consider heroes that live amongst us and in the Summer term, we learn about Australia.

Our Maths Learning

In Maths, we use a range of different representations to present our learning.


At Hill Farm, we recognise the importance of completing learning at home.


Our School Trips

As part of our topic about Florence Nightingale, Year 1 had a visitor!