The Hill Farm Promise – 101 Experiences

101 experiences for every child

At Hill Farm Primary School we aim to provide an education and environment where independence and challenge are intrinsically woven into the curriculum.  We believe that great schools are built on rich co- and extra-curricular programmes, high quality teaching and excellent pastoral care.

Our curriculum encourages creativity and resilience whilst promoting aspiration and ambition, therefore all children are provided with a wide range of free or subsidised experiences and opportunities.  We believe that quality learning can come in many forms whether it be the classroom, the forest school, a sports field, in a theatre, museum or anywhere else that deepens children’s curiosity and allows their imagination to develop.

The Hill Farm promise is 101 experiences that we think all children should have before they leave primary school.  Combined with the extensive curriculum offer we know that some of the best memories are made playing in the snow with friends, getting muddy, riding a bicycle and playing tig – experiences we hope every child can enjoy during their time at Hill Farm.