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Reading with your child at home is vitally important to ensure that they are developing their understanding of the world, improving their reading skills, whilst also promoting a love of reading. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time, but research suggests that reading aloud to children or children reading aloud to an adult, even if only for a short time each day, develops their language skills, as well as enhancing their love of literature. At Hill Farm, reading lessons are linked to the class text. This enables children to develop a greater understanding of character, vocabulary and key themes.

Our writing curriculum is completely bespoke and is comprised of units of work inspired by a wealth of children’s literature. Cross-curricular links are made wherever meaningful and special events, such as Black History Month, are reflected in core text choices. Pupils across the school benefit from sequences of ‘small step’ lessons building to extended writing outcomes in various genres:  fiction and non-fiction writing outcomes have been mapped across year groups.  Children’s transcriptional skills are cultivated in discrete spelling and handwriting lessons.