Phonics and Early Reading

Reception RWI

Reception being the Read Write Inc. Programme in the Autumn Term. They have a phonics lesson daily.

Before children can start to read they need to learn to say the sound that is represented by each letter or a group of letters (Special Friends) called ‘Speed Sounds’ and how to blend the sounds together in a word to read. For example: c-a-t cat. This is called sound blending.

Speed Sounds Set 1

Children begin learning a sound a day. We use pure sounds to help your child blend the sounds into words.

The Set 1 sounds are taught in the following order: m a s d t, i n p g o, c k u b, f e l h , r j v y w, z, x, sh, th, ch, qu, ng, nk.

We never use letter names at this point!

Once children have learnt the first 5 sounds we teach them to blend them. When we say words in pure sounds we call it ‘Fred Talk’ For example: p-o-t, t-i-p.

When teaching a speed sound, we either have to ‘stretch’ or ‘bounce’ it.

These first sounds should all be stretched slightly. Try to avoid saying uh after each one. E.g. /mm/ not muh, /ss/ not suh, /ff/ not fuh.

See the video to see how these sounds should be said:

Set 2 and 3 sounds

Children are then taught the Set 2 and 3 sounds. Set 2 are taught in Reception and the beginning of Year One.

Once children can successfully read single words they will be introduced to ‘Ditty Books’. These ditties are short stories in easily decodable sentences. All the books contain green words and red words.

Green words are linked to the sound’s children have been learning and are easily decodable.

Red words are words that are not easily decodable that children learn to help them to become speedy readers.

Moving on

Children’s reading will be assessed every half term and children will be grouped by ability by the phonics lead. 

If you have any questions about RWI in the Early Years please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help.