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Science In Action

At Hill Farm Primary, we aim to ignite children’s curiosity about how the world around them works and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to explore and find answers to questions they may pose about the world they live in.

Science is everywhere! The fundamental ability to understand the world around us is the foundations for developing the scientists of the future. At Hill Farm, we understand that our pupils are growing up in a scientifically advanced world and it is vital that we nurture their natural curiosity and encourage them to become problem solvers. By teaching them essential aspects of the knowledge, methods and processes, our pupils will be able to discover why science is vital to our ever-changing world and how they can be a part of this.

Through our high-quality science curriculum, we support children in asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, observing, recording, communicating results and evaluating.

The science substantive knowledge children will learn is mapped to ensure children build on prior learning and create science schemas that are linked via knowledge concepts. Key takeaways are identified for each lesson and shared with children through knowledge organisers. This knowledge is cemented in children’s long-term memory through retrieval practice. Children will develop knowledge linked to a number of units including: living things, plants, animals and humans, evolution and inheritance, electrical circuits, Earth’s movement in space, light, movement, forces and magnets, sound and materials.

In Year 4, children will complete a visit to a science museum and experience science first-hand. In addition, showcases are used as an opportunity for children to present their science learning to their parents and the local community.

All teaching at Hill Farm is planned around our six principles of learning and teaching, which ensure every lesson is GREAT!  Pupils experience engaging and purposeful experiences that promote learning and where the needs of every child is met through effective adaptive teaching strategies.  As a Voice 21 school, our curriculum has a strong oracy focus which provides pupils with regular opportunities to learn to talk and to learn through talk. High expectations of oracy and vocabulary are embedded throughout our science curriculum.

The impact of our science curriculum is measured through continual assessments throughout each lesson against our science progression documents, retrieval practice and identified knowledge takeaways for each lesson.