On-line Learning Platform Information

‘Firefly’ is Hill Farm’s on-line learning platform which will help children continue their learning should they need to be absent from school for a period of time, such as lockdown or if the school was closed due to inclement weather for example. In this case, work would be uploaded by your child’s class teacher for the duration of the closure. It will contain: English, maths and topic work which your child can complete. Dependent on the duration, other learning such as R.E. mindfulness, music and P.E. suggestions will be added.

Firefly also contains teacher videos and links to help your child understand the learning and has a facility where they can upload completed work and return it to the class teacher. This will help the teacher assess understanding and plan subsequent work.

If you do not have access to the internet or a compute at home, there is also a ‘Firefly’ app that you can download to your mobile phone so children can access learning from this too. If you prefer we can also offer a paper pack of work and resources.

For EYFS and KS1 pupils, work will be uploaded onto Arbor and can be accessed by parents through the Arbor App.  Parents can also access a paper pack of work and resources if preferred.