DT – Home Learning

How can you help your child with design and technology?

  • Take your child shopping and discuss the packaging and how it appeals or does not appeal to its target audience. Questions like: Do you like it? What on that package would make us want to buy it? 
  • Explore how a variety of things are made by taking them apart 
  • Help children make things! Design and technology is all about designing and making something so if you are a particularly good sewer, sew something with your children. If you have a woodworking skill, get your children involved in a project. 
  • Encourage the children to design something that could help them fix one of their own problems
  • Investigate some jobs that your children might want to work as in the future. Could they be a Civil Engineer? What does the job entail? How can they hone the skills they have now to prepare them for that future?

Useful Website Links

Exploratorium : PIE Institute : Idea Library