History – Home Learning

How can you help your child with history?

  • Research interesting and influential people or events with your child.
  • Visit a museum (some museums even do virtual tours!) or historic site.
  • Interview a Grandma or Grandad.
  • Try cooking some historic foods or recipes.
  • Build mini historical places in your home e.g. Stonehenge out of Weetabix!
  • Dress up as people from different periods of time.
  • Find family history.
  • Listen to music from the past.

Experience history with your family

There are many ways to experience history with your child.

In the local area, children can visit The War Memorial Park or Coombe Abbey.

Following your museum visit, children can:

  • Have a discussion about the physical features that you saw.
  • Have a discussion about similarities and differences between town and parks.
  • Create their own leaflet about Coventry and its key features.
  • Design their own fact file about a different country and compare its features with a different location.

Useful Website Links for History