Science – Home Learning

How can you help your child with science?

  • Conduct some experiments at home. There are hundreds of websites that will show you all sorts of experiments that you can try.
  • Engage children’s curiosity by asking and answering why questions. Why does water turn into steam when it is hot? What happens if I put ice into boiling water? See if your children can write a list of questions they want answered and work through them, helping children to investigate and discover the world around them. 
  • Ask prove it questions to your children. If they tell you a fact, see if there are experiments or ways in which they can prove it. 

Experience science with your family

There are many ways to experience science with your child.

In the local area, children can visit The Think Tank Museum in Birmingham or Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry.

Following your museum visit, children can:

  • Design their own scientific experiment using materials at home.
  • Research a scientist whose inventions they find interesting.
  • Make observations about what they see in the world around them.
  • Record observations using drawings, photos or scientific skills.

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