Geography – Home Learning

How can you help your child with geography?

  • Research famous places in different countries
  • Ask friends and family about different places they have been in the world.
  • Try cooking or baking something from a different country.
  • Talk about where different foods originate. For example, tonight we have pizza and pizza is from Italy.
  • Listen to music from different countries.
  • Learn how to say hello in a different language.
  • Look at a globe, or a map. What can you see?

Experience geography with your family

There are many ways to experience history and geography with your child.

In the local area, children can visit The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum or Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry.

Following your museum visit, children can:

  • Have a discussion about the historical figures they have learnt about.
  • Have a discussion about similarities and differences between moments in history.
  • Create their own leaflet about a moment in history or a country they would like to visit.
  • Design their own fact file about a key historical figure or country.

Useful Website Links for Geography